In the name of God Amen.
I Thomas Jadwyn citizen and cutler of London being at this present in good and perfect health thanks bee therefore rendered to the allmightie God, do make and declare this my will and testament as followes ffirst I commend my soule unto the (?) of the Holy Trinity (?) (?) My believing thorough the merritts of Jesus Christ the second person of the holy Trinity to have free and (?) forgiveness of all my sinnes and to bee (?) my body. I bequeath to the earth (reverently?) to be buried without pomp. And for such goods, chattells, lands and other things whatsoever as god hath made mee steward of in this vale of (mystery?) I will and dispose as followeth. Ffirste that my debts as in any wise I shall owe at the tyme of my decease bee truly paid, or order taken for payment of them soe soon as mait conveniently bee. Item I give and bequeath unto the poore of the parishe where I am a (parishioner?) the some of fortie shillings to bee paid unto such of the said poore and in such quantity as my Executor with the ayde of the churchwardens shall think to have most neede. Item I give and bequeath to every of my servants which shalbe dwelling with me at the tyme of my decease the some of ten shillings to be paid unto them within sixe months next after my decease. Item I forgive unto Daniell Colwall my apprentice the last yeare of his terme which he is to serve mee by his indenture of apprenticehood. Item I give and bequeath to my sonne Robert Jadwyn who I praye to blesse and reforme the some of five pounds of lawfull money of England, a ffeatherbed, and such other household stuffe as my Executor shall thinke good to give him. Item I give and bequeath to my daughter Hanna Dunscombe and to my daughter Susanna Sharrowe to either of them the somme of three pounds to dispose of as they please And to be paid unto theire own hands (or else not) within one yeare next - after my decease. Item I give and bequeath to Jadwyn Dunscombe my daughter Hanna her sonne the some of twentie markes of lawful money of England to be paid unto him when he shall attaine to the age of twentie and one yeares. Item I give to his brother Phillip and Thomas Dunscombe to either of them five pounds of (?) money to bee paid unto them at theire said several ages of twentie and one yeares and if any of them decease the otherís surviving to have the parte and portion of the deceased. And where I am seized and possessed to mee and my heires forever of and in three severall messuages or tenements called or known by the severall names of the Unicorn the Saracenís head, and the Crowne situate lying and being in the parish of St. George in Southwarke in the Countie of Surrey and which saide messuage or tenement called the Saracenís head is divided into severall tenements. I will and devise the same as followeth. Item I give & bequeath the said messuages or tenements to Elizabeth my loveing wife during her naturall life the better to enable her to see my debts paid which I confidently (?) to her power she will soe do and after her the said Elizabeth her decease I give and bequeath the said severall messuages or tenements with theire appurtenances to my said sonne Robert Jadwyn and to the heires of his body lawfully to bee begotten. And for lack of such issue to my daughters Hanna and Susanna and to the heires of theire bodies begotten or to bee begotten and for default of such issue to the Masters Wardens and Commonalitie of the Cutlers of London and to theire (surretors?) forever hopeing that the said company will preferre such as have been my servants or otherwise (?) from mee, (being capeable) of theire (starting?) before any others and that they will allot (?) the yearly fee or wages which is not now of any sufficiency to maintain a man which shall have not other meanes to rely upon and where affor I have (?) and right in and to retaine lands in Virginia and in the Sommer Islands commonly called Bermudes which lands I will and dispose as followeth. Item I give and bequeath to my said sonne Robert Jadwyn and to his heires forever all my said lands in Virginia, except such lands there as is or shalbe allotted to yet with my two shares in the said Sommer Islands, which my will is shall yet with the said shares as they are shalbe allotted. Item I give and bequeath to my sonne in lawe Thomas Dunscombe Hanna his wife Phillip and Thomas theire sonnes the same my two shares of Sommer Islands with the appurtenances to have and to hould to them and theire (?) (Administrates?) and assignes for and during the tearme of one hundred yeares if they or any of them or any issue from them or any of them shall for long live and dwell and abide in the said Sommer Islands yielding and paying therefore yearly only ten pounds weight of tobacco at the feast of St. Michaell the Archangell - and paying and discharging all other charges and impositions which from tyme to tyme after (?) (?) during the said tearme shalbe lawfully taxed and imposed upon the said land. And I ordaine and make the same Elizabeth my wife my full and sole Executor and I appoint for overseer of this my will the said Masters and Wardens of the said Mastery and Comminalitie of cutlers of London for that fyrst yeare of my decease being and I (?) to and amongst them for their (paines?) herein to bee taken the somme of three pounds of lawfull money of England hopeing they will advise my wife in that good (?) as the true meaning of this my will mait bee performed. In witness whereof I have hereto set my hand and seale the fourteenth day of November one thousand sixe hundred twenty sixe and in the (?) yeare of the reigne of our Sovereigne Lord Charles by the grant of God King of England Scotland ffrance and Ireland Defender of the faith. Thomas Jadwyn witnessed hereunto Thomas Coffyn Daniell Colwell.