Daniel Wood Wing, grandson of Abraham Wing, founder of present-day Glens Falls was born in 1780.He married Rhoda Stewart in 1803. In 1815 he moved to Fort Edward. In 1820, the Wing family's property holdings in the area consisted of 2,600 acres. The house Daniel Wing had built for him was in close proximity to Roger's Island. Rhoda Wood died in 1823, and two years later Wood married Almira Higby. Historian W.W. Holden referred to Daniel Wood Wing as a man of excellent sense and judgment preserving, energetic and tenacious of purpose. He served as Commissioner of Education from 1821 to 1823. Wing built Fort Edward's first grist mill. Wing was instrumental in the organization of the Sandy Hill and Fort Edward Union Cemetery in 1847. By the time of his death in 1856, Wing played a measurable role in the settlement and development of Fort Edward, incorporated in 1849. Info from: Wing-Northup House, Fort Edward Village A History of the Town of Queensbury in the State of New York by A. W. Holden and The Fort Edward Book, by Robert O. Bascom