William was a tinsmith in his early life. Later in the real estate business. He came to the U.S. circa 1878 with his widowed mother who remarried a man surnamed Wurster. William had a half-brother named Frederick, and a sister named Fredericka who married a man named Ernest Bolm. Fred Wurster was a Methodist minister.
I have noted the following emigration record from the "Wurtemberg Emigration Index": William Frederick Schweikert, born 5/5/1864, Nordheim, District: Brackenheim (Germany). Application date 1883. Destination North America. Number 5 62306. However the birth date does not coincide with the family information I have on William's birth date, nor U.S. census records that indicate 1863. The 1920 federal census shows his emigration as 1858 but that census also states he is 57 years old, implying a birth year of about 1863.
William's daughter Lydia wrote a letter to Edith (Schweikert) Dunscombe June 16, 1977 in which she stated that William's ancestors lived in Austria. They became Protestants and could not agree with the Catholics, so his family moved to the Northern part of Germany, the Black Forest, and when a young man he and his mother came to New York when his father died, and settled in Brooklyn. She states that her father's people were titled. They became Methodists and William met his wife Katherine in the church. However U.S. census records indicate he was born in Wurttemberg, southern Germany. The 1920 census also states both his parents were born in Wurttemberg, Germany.
Received an e-mail from Darlynn Frodsham (Feb. 15, 2001) indicating she had found many Schweikert and Hansler (Hanssler) entries in Boll, Germany, though none for a William (Wilhelm) born 1863. In a follow-up dated Feb. 28, 2001 she states that Boll may now be called "Bad Boll," not far from Goppingen, Hozlheim, Heiningen, Hattenhofen, Ohmden, Kichheim, Uhingen, and Weilheim, apparently all in Wurttemberg.
Naturalized March 12, 1885, Kings County, New York, Court. Witnessed by "Frederick Wurster."
William was party to a law suit settled in 1894. His step-brother, Christian Wurster, died April 30, 1890, four months after his wife, Marianna (also cited as "Marie" and "Maria"), whi died January 1, 1890. Christian had taken out two life insurance policies naming his wife as the sole beneficiary. Christian's will, dated April 15, 1890, left the proceeds to his brother-in-law, William Schweikert. Interestingly one of the witnesses to the will was named Andrew Hansler. the same name as William's fathr-in-law. The will is avaiable at ancestry.com, and the court decision is available in "The Miscellaneous Reports, Cases Decided in the Courts of Record of the State of New York, vol VIII, 1894."